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Keeper of the Flame

Blowing Steam

Richard B. Riddick. Escaped Convict. Murderer. Pyrokinetic.

What? You saw him not getting burned under the Crematorian Sun. YOU do the math.

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Back story:

The Hunter Gratzner, a passenger spacecraft, accidentally crosses through a meteor shower and suffers catastrophic damage and loss of life. The docking pilot (Fry), onboard, wants to dump the passenger cabin so the crew can survive. The navigator (Owens) keeps her from doing so. The ship crash-lands on a strange desert planet and, with most of the ship destroyed, only 12 people survive. Two crewmen survive, Fry and Owens, but Owens is killed shortly after the crash when he is impaled by a lever. Among the survivors are: a dangerous criminal (Richard B. Riddick, headed for a new prison), his captor (Johns), Fry; a Muslim imam with three young pilgrims, a young stowaway named Jack, an antique dealer named Paris, and two settlers, Zeke and Shazza.

After they land, Johns finds that Riddick has escaped from his holding cell. Shortly after this, Riddick attempts to choke Johns to death but is unsuccessful. Johns chains Riddick to a bulkhead. Riddick is left on his own and during this time he notices a small gap in the bulkhead he is chained to. He decides to get up and break free. He dislocates his arms, allowing himself to break free, pops them back in and escapes.

Assessing the situation, the rest of the crew realize that the planet's three hot suns illuminate the surface continuously, creating the desert conditions. The ship's destruction has left them without food or water; only a few personal possessions, including a stash of alcohol. Led by Fry, the survivors gather what little they have and set off in search of water.

he group is disoriented, scared, and barely cohesive. This is no brave band of survivors; there are personality problems and arguments right from the start. Nobody is happy to discover a dangerous criminal among them, either. Riddick has altered eyes which enable him to see in the dark, an adaptation that allowed him to survive in the harsh environments of Butcher Bay (the prison where he was kept. This is revealed in the Chronicles of Riddick game, a prequel to both Pitch Black and its sequel). Because of this light-sensitivity, he needs to wear welding goggles during daylight (especially in the harsh continuous sunlight of this planet).

The survivors find strange boneyards. Near the boneyards, they find an abandoned research base. This provides a water generator and some shelter. Even better, there is hope for escaping the planet, in the form of a small spacecraft (the skiff).

They discover another survivor, a stranger, and Zeke shoots him, thinking he was Riddick. Zeke goes to bury the four dead people (Owens, two crewmen, and the stranger) and then is lost in a bloody struggle near a burrow. Is the escaped Riddick to blame? Fry investigates and discovers flying predatory creatures living underground (cf. grue). Riddick tells the survivors that they now have something other than him to fear.

One of the imam's children, Ali, sneaks into a coring room and finds an alien nest. He is ripped apart by alien hatchlings. Then it is discovered that the three suns will be eclipsed by another planet in the system, and not rise again for months.

The skiff needs power cells to restart its electrical systems, for which they must return to the ruins of their ship. Shazza notes that the sand cat, an ATV type vehicle left by the colonists, is solar-powered. She repairs the cat so they can move faster. She offers her oxygen mask to Riddick as a sign that she is apologizing to him for blaming him for Zeke's death.

But then the suns set. As they get to the ship, a swarm of hatchlings flies toward Shazza and Riddick. Riddick ducks but Shazza panics and stands up, she becomes swarmed by the dozens as they carry off her severed torso she is eaten alive. In the dark, the creatures of the night begin to stalk the survivors. Riddick becomes one of the group's most important assets.

Hiding in their ship with their only sources of light, they make a plan to take the power cells back to the skiff. However, an alien has found a way into the ship. Riddick and one of the Muslims, Hassan, go investigate. Hassan panics and runs, and is ripped in half. Johns comes in and kills the alien with his shotgun. Riddick, with his superior night vision, leads the remaining survivors through the dark. The group takes all their available light sources with them after learning that light damages the creatures. They make a rig using the power cells and drape light cables around their bodies as they run to the settlement with it.

En route to the settlement and the skiff the creatures swoop in dangerously close to the group despite the illumination from the lights. After an extremely close attack, Paris panics, and attempts to run on his own damaging the light rig and plunging everyone into darkness. Paris is soon surrounded and consumed as the group lights their makeshift alcohol torches. As the remaining survivors are continuing to walk, the group recognizes their own tracks and asks Riddick why he is circling instead of moving forward. Riddick says he didn't want to go into the valley with the high concentration of beasts because the "girl" is bleeding, and the light wouldn't be enough to drive them off. The group is confused, as Fry isn't hurt. Riddick enlightens them by gesturing and indicating that Jack is really a girl and is bleeding because of her period. He explains that this is how the creatures have been tracking them so far. Riddick's captor, the brutal Johns, leads him away from the group and tries to persuade Riddick to kill Jack. Riddick, having exposed Johns' treachery, decides to make Johns the bait. They fight, and Johns is left alone in the darkness after being cut by Riddick. One of the aliens impales him and eat him. After returning to the group, Riddick is asked, "Where's Johns?" He replies by saying, "Which half?" Now, five people are left: Imam, his son Suleiman, Riddick, Fry, and Jack. When they enter the canyon it starts raining. The lights go out and Suleiman is grabbed by an alien and they ward it off with light. They continue but Suleiman is taken by an alien again, too quickly for anyone to help.

Now just four people are left to reach the canyon just before the settlement (Riddick, Jack, Fry, and Imam). When most of their light sources (save a flashlight) are gone, the three remain in a cave while Riddick heads back to the ship promising to return with more light.

While waiting in the cave, they discover little creatures with bioluminescence. They put the creatures into a bottle and Fry makes for the skiff. Fry finds Riddick in the skiff preparing to take off. She realizes that he had intended on leaving them behind.

Riddick is impressed at Fry's instinct and skill in finding her way to the ship, and callously asks her to leave Imam and Jack behind and escape with him. Fry initially accepts, but then overcomes her fears and pins Riddick to the ground, ordering him to help her rescue the remaining survivors. Riddick then easily overpowers Fry and holds a shiv to her throat, asking if she is willing to die for them. Having grown stronger from the first scene of the movie, Fry states that she would. Riddick is once again impressed and surprised by Fry, and agrees to return to Imam and Jack, and the four then make their way to the ship.

On their way back, Riddick has trailed behind and is surrounded by two creatures. Fry, who had made it back to the skiff, subsequently finds Riddick with a severe leg injury (incurred in his off-screen fight with the aliens). She begins helping the normally self-sufficient Riddick to the ship while reminding him that she--not Riddick--had expressed her willingness to die for the Imam and Jack. However as the two are moving to the ship, Fry is struck from behind by one of the creatures. This is an important point in Riddick's character development, as he has fully realized that he considers Fry something resembling an equal, and also that there are other valid life philosophies besides his; Fry and Riddick share one last gaze before she is pulled into the darkness. Riddick then begins to cry out "Not for me!" into the darkness, as he didn't want her death to be his fault, or, rather, he didn't want her sacrifice to be for his survival; he didn't want her blood on his hands.

Riddick makes it back to the skiff to find Imam and Jack waiting. In a final stroke of revenge, he delays departure until the last second before engaging the engines at full throttle to incinerate the greatest possible number of advancing creatures.

As the three are leaving the planet, Jack asks what they should say if they run into bounty hunters or other law enforcers asking where to find Riddick. He responds by saying, "Tell 'em Riddick's dead. He died somewhere on that planet."

About Riddick
Riddick stands around 6 feet tall. He has a muscular, athletic frame, and is extremely fit. His head is shaved. His eyes glow softly with a silvery whitish blue glow, due to his eyeshine. Riddick usually wears welding goggles during the day, due to his sensitivity to light. (See below).

His attire usually consists of a black muscle shirt, dark-colored cargo pants, a utility belt, and combat boots. He usually keeps shivs on his person.

He has a deep baritone voice.

Riddick is viewed by the other survivors as a dangerous, cold-blooded killer. There is some truth to this; however, Riddick is by no means psychopathic. He usually kills out of necessity, much like a predator, when he is threatened, but feels little if any restraint when doing so. He seems to have a diminished opinion of the value of human life. He also appears to have a certain sense of honour-when Johns, a bounty hunter who captured him, "nearly" shot him so that Riddick would remember the way it could have gone, Riddick grabbed Johns' gun and did the same thing, apparently to ensure he wouldn't be 'indebted' to Johns in the future.

It is revealed that the primary reason for Riddick's cooperation in Pitch Black is that he believes he will be set free after they escape. He was willing to leave the other survivors stranded, so long as he would escape. However, he eventually went back for the survivors, showing a lighter side to Riddick's "anti-hero" mentality. At the beginning of the movie, a survivor asks why the escaped Riddick would return to trouble them, then Johns states, "to work your nerves, or to take what you've got." Therefore, at the end of the movie, it appears he was simply trying to make it hard on Fry by initially presenting her the choice of whether to come with him or stay with the others.

Riddick is a brave individual; he is often willing to enter combat against unfavorable or even seemingly impossible odds, as evidenced by his facing one of the native creatures in Pitch Black even after almost everyone else who encountered them had been killed. He also escaped twice from Triple Maximum Security prisons. He has also instigated prison-wide riots and fought the Lord Marshal of the Necromongers, who is, considered by many, a quite formidable adversary. He is stealthy, always on his toes, and prefers to attack from the shadows.

Riddick is apparently quite intelligent, and much more observant than most humans. He can also calculate how people can and will behave, after gathering enough information about them. After Riddick escapes in the opening of Pitch Black, he places his handcuffs on one side of the crash site, then heads in the opposite direction to confuse Johns, who has been chasing (and had recently captured) Riddick. Johns, being used to Riddick's trickery, knows what he is trying and heads in the right direction after Riddick anyway.

Riddick also seems to have a good knowledge of human anatomy and perhaps even xenobiology; he knows all the most lethal places to strike a human with a blade, and he is able to determine that the Grues, the antagonistic, nocturnal creatures in Pitch Black, have a blind spot by looking at a skeleton of one in the desert.

According to Riddick while in Butcher Bay, he received an eye surgery from a "doctor" that enhanced his night vision greatly, but made him quite sensitive to brighter light such as sunlight. He is blinded by sharp exposure to bright lights, and wears welding goggles to protect his eyes. Without them, everything appears in shades of purple and white. According to Riddick, the surgery cost him twenty Menthol Kools. However, in the Chronicles of Riddick, it is implied that the story may have been made up. At one point in the film, Kyra (or Jack, as credited in Pitch Black, now with a more mature, feminine appearance) says: [after recounting the many prisons she's been to]"...only there wasn't any doctor here who could shine my eyes, not even for twenty Menthol Kools....Was there anything you said that was true!"

The video-game, however, (which serves as a prequel to Pitch Black) provides the greatest evidence that Riddick's eyeshine may be more than just something he picked up in a prison. After helping a character called "Pope Joe" retrieve his "blessed voice box," Riddick goes into a den to get stitches for an injury. After he is finished getting stiched-up, the "Pope" tells him how to escape, and warns Riddick not to "trust his eyes". At that very moment a ghostly voice tells him "You have been blind for far too long, Riddick...so I'm going to give you a gift...." From that moment on, Riddick has the ability to see in darkness.

Riddick has killed an unspecified number of people. However, he does not kill anyone in Pitch Black, although he wounds Johns with a bone shiv and leaves him to be eaten by the creatures. It is known that he's killed a number of mercenaries, prisoners and prison guards.

Info taken from Wikipedia

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